Award-winning outsourcing business, TieTa, launches new website!

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With a fresh new look, TieTa is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. The new site embraces its customer-focused ethos, offering a seamless user experience and a variety of rich content and resources that provide genuine value for online visitors.

The revamped site allows users to navigate between their already successful solutions and a comprehensive resource library constituting of case studies, insight articles and video material. The core priorities for the strategic team was the need to successfully convey TieTa’s proven track record and create solution pages that truly answered the questions of prospective clients.

Caroline Walton, CEO of TieTa comments,

‘As a decision-maker myself, I know the importance of brand credibility and how that influences stakeholder and 3rd party partnerships. As a team, we needed to leverage our existing networks to curate valuable content around our strong deliverables and tailored processes to communicate our credibility. It is all well and good having our sales team talk about how great we are, but having clients accredit your performance is what counts – after all recommendations still remain the most credible form of advertisement!’

The new solutions pages designed by TieTa’s digital team are unique in both their structure and content. To put it bluntly, they consider the user and cut out the waffle. Speaking to the digital team further they commented,

‘Presented in a sharp and engaging UI, the new website keeps waffle to a minimum providing a similar experience to an ‘elevator pitch’ - short, beneficial and punchy. Pages are built with the mindset of what stage of the conversion funnel an online user would typically be at, meaning that content curated is aligned with the questions and considerations of a prospect at this stage of the customer cycle. Catering for those that are tight on time, as many decision-makers are, and for those that are neurodivergent, we have also reformatted much of the information into short videos – allowing all users to digest content in their preferred format.’

Following a strong year of growth and operating in a post-pandemic landscape it is now more important than ever for businesses to evolve in their entirety and consider the end-user across all areas of the business from the website to services/products offered.

With new solutions such as ‘the blend’ being introduced on the new TieTa website, now could be a great time to consider the award-winning organisation as a preferred partner to help deliver on your 2022 business objectives.