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In our current economic environment, it’s never been more important to ensure you have optimised your Operational team’s strategy and processes.

A champion challenger is a fantastic way for you to review this and ensure you have got it right, and if not, it gives you options for change to ensure it is. This can lead to many benefits including increased revenue, collections improvements, customer satisfaction and more.

A ‘Champion Challenger’ is the framework used to determine the best performing process and solution. The champion represents your current solution, while the challengers are the potential new solutions and processes aiming to beat the champion. Before the challenge commences, clear metrics are defined to determine how we measure project success and the winning solution.

At TieTa, we are Contact Centre experts and have vast experience across all task types and customer communication channels. To give some flavour around the type of champion challenger projects we can support:

Collections and Recoveries Champion Challenger

With our experienced and award-winning team and tried and tested systems and processes at TieTa, you can test against your current team, processes or both.

• Team –allow our agents to work a defined portion of your debt portfolio to assess performance on cash collected, promise to pay, kept rates, contact rates and call quality. This can be completed on your current customer relationship management system or our solution.

• Process –compare your current processes to our tried and tested collection and arrears management journeys. From contact methods, frequency and systems we can challenge across the whole journey or just sections.

Customer Service Champion Challenger

Test your current Customer Service set up, we have a proven track record of improving business, customer satisfaction and operational metrics. Many business’s see their Contact Centre agents as cost drains, but with the right set up you can turn your teams into revenue and collection drivers. This project can be for one, or all of your Customer Service channels. Our team have years of experience across telephony, email, SMS, Live Chat and social media solutions.

Quality Monitoring & PerformanceImprovement Champion Challenger

Getting the right Quality Monitoring (QM) and Coaching framework is crucial to ensuring continued success in customer satisfaction. Many firms believe QM is just a tick box exercise or to give assurance on compliance related metrics -In fact getting this right enables you to improve revenue, customer satisfaction, collections and numerous business metrics.

At TieTa we can independently check your customer touch points across all your current contact channels to provide reassurance your teams task structure and processes are optimised.

We can use our monitoring and feedback technology, or our team can use your current solution. We have seen some fantastic improvements from Champion Challengers recently and I would love to talk to you more about your current goals, targets and any pain points you may have.

Give me a call today on 020 3371 3062 or email me on to find out more.