Root Cause Analysis and its benefits

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Heard commonly in the workplace, Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is often more of a buzz word than a practical process performed by a business - perform a quick Internet search and you will gain instant access to various articles stating Root Cause Analysis is profitable for business.

In our fast-paced complaints world it is easy to fall into the trap of immediately troubleshooting and problem-solving the symptoms that present themselves on the surface. Taking the time to step-back, think about and tackle the root cause is a core part of any quality assurance and customer service improvement programme. Root Cause Analysis helps get to the cause of the problem in a faster, more efficient and cost effective way and that is important to any business.

This should not simply be seen as a problem-solving method, but rather as a vital component of the decision making process and monitoring of the efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness of business operations.

Why not use your customer complaints and feedback to drive business improvement? Particularly where you encounter complaints that appear to share a common theme that you previously have not had to address or complaints that you have always had to address (irresponsible lending claims for instance).

There are multiple tried and tested methods The Five Why’s and The Fish Bone Diagram to name two, when a method is applied correctly you will be able to identify the root cause of complaints. Once the Root Cause is identified you must now act on it and correct it, this is not only a benefit for your consumers and business but in some cases a regulatory requirement. Once you have completed your Root Cause Analysis and corrected the cause you should then document the process for future reference and again in some instances to comply with your regulatory requirements.

There are clear and tangible benefits for organisations that embrace Root Cause Analysis.

These include increased customer satisfaction as identifying trends and the underlying cause of these complaints will enable you to pinpoint the cause of the problem and implement preventative measures.

Your employees will benefit from improved processes and less dissatisfied customers, this in turn will increase moral and potentially reduce average task handle times which in turn will drive increased task rates and efficiency.

Lastly your company will benefit from satisfied customers, and happier more efficient staff which in turn will help reduce staff turnover and drive customer retention.

Here at Tieta we have the knowledge and experience to help you complete effective Root Cause Analysis, provide advice on how to fix any causes identified and drive the change required to implement any fixes.

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