From mortgages to auto finance, we offer resourcing and support for full outsource solutions to advisory or temporary challenges.

Finance Industry

TieTa services clients in the financial services arena and provides call-centre and operations resourcing to help clients scale their operation to support changing demands of their clients.

With a low-cost base, TieTa is often a low-cost alternative to our clients when comparing their costs to resource highly skilled teams, looking beyond the costs for employment, for example, office space and IT equipment.

In the Financial Services sector, we offer a number of services – each found in our services menu, though we work with you to understand your business needs. We consider the flexibility needed to be entering or exiting a contract, plan the headcount and resource up to support higher demand clients, determine access to your systems through appropriate security (e.g. site-to-site VPN) and access controls, and configure our internal contact centre systems to handle inbound and outbound traffic relating to telephone, email and even chat contact.

We also have partners that we use to support your technology service needs, whether for payment services needed for collections, complaints management systems, CRM/LMS systems, and data enrichment services for collections strategies.

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BBLS Customer Support

At TieTa, we know that when the businesses begin to pay their interest repayments, these loans are going to require a lot of support.

This surge in activity could impact your current teams and could potentially result in a compromise on quality, results and relationships.

As such, it is key that you are prepared. Here at TieTa, we can offer you a complete solution or a partial one depending on your requirements.

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