Creating and executing quality training and monitoring processes to enquire consistent performance

Quality Monitoring & Training

Our UK training and quality monitoring of agents is a genuine value ad to clients that we pride ourselves on. As an essential part of our onboarding process and rolling partnership, we will take the time to get to know your business. Working with your operational teams and stakeholders, alongside any corporate guidelines and scripts you may have, our team are trained by our expert delivery team to fully understand your processes and standards.

As a stakeholder of the customer experience for your business, we understand the pressure you and your team are under to deliver exceptional service while meeting various KPIs and brand objectives. Working with TieTa’s own leadership we will work with you to curate a programme and set of initiatives to monitor individual and group performance - ensuring you can be confident in our delivery while reporting valuable metrics to senior stakeholders.

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Complaints Handling

We deliver  value by ensuring our complaints solution contributes to the overall success of your business.

With the Coronavirus continuing to impact businesses, being able to manage an influx of customer contact will be imperative once the businesses start paying back the loans themselves.

Our complaints specialists will be an extension of your team ensuring outcomes, compliance and quality are delivered in line with your processes and policies, providing a great customer experience.

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